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20% Commission

Earn 20% commission on the first year of a new sign up.

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Our intuitive design blends world-class functionality with simplicity.

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One of our dedicated experts is always ready to give you a hand.

Perks For Trials

Get 10 Euros anytime your referrals sign up for and complete a trial.

Last-Click Attribution

Get 120 days of cookie life with last-click attribution.

Marketing Materials

Sell your brand with exclusive PPC Rocket creatives.

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It’s easy! Here’s how our affiliate program works:

Encourage Your Users to Use PPC Rocket

Once you sign up as an affiliate partner, start empowering your audience to use PPC Rocket

Earn Commission

When your referrals pay for their PPC Rocket account or complete their free trial, you’ll earn your commission — 20% on the first year of a new sign up or 10 Euros for completing a trial.

Get Paid

If your referrals pay for their first year of PPC Rocket in full, you’ll receive your 20% commission in full. If they pay month-to-month, you’ll get paid monthly.


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