About PPC Rocket

Many businesses don't properly manage their Google Ads. It's not that they don't understand the importance of PPC advertising. It's that they lack the capacity to do it themselves, and the budget to hire an agency. It was with these organizations in mind that we created PPC Rocket — a powerful ad management designed to support better targeting. efficiency, spend, and most importantly, understanding.


Marketing meets IT

At its core, PPC advertising exists at the intersection of marketing and technology. That's precisely why we built PPC Rocket from a combination of marketing expertise and IT innovation. This is also what makes PPC Rocket so powerful.

It blends an incredibly solid technical foundation with decades of marketing and advertising knowledge to create a platform that truly is the best of both worlds.

Blasting through the complexity of Google Ads

Google Ads may be powerful, but it's also incredibly complex — and Google, ever the innovator, is adding, changing and removing features at a constant cadence. Even for someone experienced in PPC Advertising, Google Ads can be confusing and time-intensive to work with. For someone who's still a novice in the field, it's completely overwhelming.

We believe accessibility should be the rule rather than the exception, and the way we've designed our flagship reflects that.

Leveling the playing field of ad management

Not every business has a massive marketing department, one that’s large enough to put a single team on each account. Not every organization can afford to hire a seasoned agency to manage its paid ads. If you ask us, that hardly sounds fair — the quality of your campaigns shouldn't be contingent on the size of your budget or team availability.

We want to see those barriers to entry torn down, and PPC Rocket represents our contribution to doing so, democratizing PPC ads and providing advanced insights on everything from usage data to product stock.

No more learning cliffs or knowledge barriers

Although PPC Rocket orchestrates and analyzes a massive volume of data, it also presents that data in a way that's easy to describe and understand. That's because we've designed everything about our solution to be as streamlined and intuitive as possible. Whether you're managing multiple Google Ads accounts or trying to see what a freelancer is doing with one of your campaigns, the information you need is just a few clicks away — along with an understanding of that information.

Transparency and accessibility should be the baseline for advertising rather than noteworthy differentiators, on both sides of the sales funnel, and vendors should be willing to help their clients learn rather than simply selling to them.


When one is mired in metrics and spreadsheets, it's easy to forget that at the end of the day, advertising is about people.

That simple truth informs everything we do. Ours is a culture of creativity, mutual respect, and authenticity. Our interactions with our clients reflect that.

To put it another way, we don't just want to help you succeed, but thrive.

Building a better future for PPC advertising

It's no secret that online advertising has become more and more complex. There’s more players than ever before, your business is facing more competition, CPC’s are increasing, and the best marketing managers come with a high salary. All of this makes it challenging to achieve a good ROI today.

That's one of the major reasons we designed PPC Rocket the way we did. We believe that, with the right data, knowledge, and toolkit, every business can create ads that are targeted, valuable, and ultimately, successful. Advertising can be better, and we intend to play our part in making that happen.


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