Connect your account in seconds using 3 easy steps:
  • Register your account
  • Choose which Google Ads accounts you want to connect
  • Go to your PPC Rocket dashboard to see your imported results
We do! Choose between linking a single account or a MCC and have complete control over which accounts you want connected with PPC Rocket.
Ad spend is calculated using your connected accounts and the average ad spend over the last 3 months. For example, if you connect 2 accounts, each totalling 5k, the ad spend would be 10k.
PPC Rocket uses Google’s Quality Score (rating 1 to 10). We analyze and aggregate all your keywords to calculate a Quality Score that represents your exact performance.
Absolutely! We’ll analyze your account(s) using full automation and calculate a minimum and maximum saving potential, as well as the positive impact on your Marketing Ratio/ROI and other key insights into key areas of improvement.
Yes! This is one of PPC Rocket’s greatest features. Our platform analyzes your account daily and keeps track of your performance. You can see trends on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
We group and aggregate the Quality Score in segments, then use your main KPIs to guide you toward the areas in need of improvement.
We crawl all of your landing pages daily and use our data along with your KPIs to figure out which pages require optimization and improvement.
You bet! Our intuitive keyword automation tools save you time and money by splitting your existing ad groups into new ones.
Yes. We analyze all your keywords, ad groups, and campaigns and organize them by optimization potential in an easy-to-understand list.
Yes, we can! We take it 1 step further by showing you how these 3 factors trend and impact your account over time.
We do! Once you define your brand campaigns, we run separate reports for brand and non-brand campaigns.
Yes, we import all labels from your Google Ads account(s). Then you decide which labels you want to analyze.
We definitely can. Using our Non-Converting Keyword Tool, we can analyze and compare keyword performance within three fixed date ranges. For example, if you’ve been using a certain keyword for the last year, and it’s had no conversions, the Non-Converting Tool will let you know.
Definitely. Our landing page module crawls all pages daily and checks the number of available products on each page. When the number of available products falls below a certain threshold, you can automatically pause and reactivate the ads when stock becomes available.
Yes, we combine the data collected from our crawlers with your main KPIs and can tell you precisely the minimum number of products you should have on your landing pages. This feature allows you to purchase more products for these categories or to combine categories.
Absolutely! Our crawlers can identify unavailable landing pages and automatically pause and reactivate those ads.
Yes. Using our History Reports feature, we can analyze how active your external Google Ads consultants are, where they’ve been focused, and if you’ve been missing out on any opportunities.
Yes! We can also import all pages from your Google Analytics account and check if you have Google Ads running for your most critical landing pages. This feature allows you to identify any new brands or categories added by your Merchandising Team so you don’t miss out on any valuable advertising opportunities.
Using our Tool Similarity Check, we can analyze all your ad groups and keywords and provide you with alternative ways to organize your ad groups. This feature will help improve your quality score and performance.
We strongly recommend that your whole Google Ads PPC Team use PPC Rocket. We also provide many insights about landing pages for your SEO and Merchandising teams so you can make the most of your overall ad spend.
Yes. When you give direct access, we use the Google Ads API to get and push data directly to your accounts. This eliminates the use of Google Ads Scripts and the Ads Editor.
We run all our tools, audits, and analyses at least once every day, but this feature can be customized to your individual needs. Prefer we refresh the data more often? Just ask! Some of our clients have their data refreshed every 6 hours so they’re always receiving fresh insights.

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