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PPC Rocket Modules to Audit your Account(s)

Google Ads Audit

Audit Tool

Daily audits assess the performance of your PPC account(s) using 40+ automated tests to measure critical KPIs and best practices. Automate your audit process for efficiency and gain clear, actionable recommendations to optimize your ad performance.

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Google Ads Quality Score Tool

Quality Score Tool

Ensure your Account(s) are optimized for the Google Quality Score. Directly see the min. and max. cost-saving potential and gain a deeper understanding of how QS Metrics like CTR, ad relevance, and the landing page experience impact your ads.

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Google Ads N-Gram Tool

Google N-Gram Tool

Unlock deep insights into search behavior with our N-Gram Analyzer, transforming search queries into Uni, Bi, Tri, and Four Grams. Define your preferred date range to run the N-Gram Report and set negatives with a single click.

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Google Ads N-Gram Tool

Not Converting Keywords Tool

The module performs a daily analysis of keywords that haven't produced any conversions within specific time intervals (e.g. 90 days, 180 days, and 365 days), focusing only on keywords that were in existence before these time periods.

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Google Ads Landing Page Crawler

Landing Page Crawler

PPC Rocket automatically assesses the technical health of your landing pages, from 4xx & 5xx status codes, page availability, redirects, and page speed to overall keyword relevancy.

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Google Ads Landing Page Insights

Landing Page Insights

Determine landing page performance with detailed breakdowns of marketing ratios & cr, cost vs. conversion, keywords linking to a page, and estimated costs for unreachable pages in your campaigns.

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Google Ads Pause Out Of Stock LPs

E-Commerce Tool

Daily analysis of your Google Ads landing pages, with customizable crawl rates, includes automatic labeling as "PPC Rocket X Stock" for pages meeting specific criteria, such as low or no product content.

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Google Ads Product Analyzer

Product Analyzer

The dashboard displays landing page performance in relation to product quantity, helping you decide whether it's worthwhile to advertise pages with only a few products. We crawl all pages daily to provide accurate data.

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Google Ads Performance Analyzer

Performance Analyzer

Identify Google Ads performance issues instantly so you can improve cr and other performance metrics. Predefined filters let you slice through the data, giving you critical insights into performance.

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Google Ads Account Activity

Account Activity

Create activity reports with changes in the structure of your Accounts, Campaigns, Ad groups, Keywords, Negative Keywords, and Ads. Quickly see how many structure changes in your accounts are done by yourself, Freelancers, or Agency.

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Google Ads Search Term Analyzer

Search Term Analyzer

The search query analyzer performs daily evaluations of search queries. It offers valuable insights into query performance to enhance your advertising efforts.

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Google Ads Duplicate Search Terms / Query

Duplicate Search Terms Tool

Duplicate queries or search terms across multiple Ad Groups can be a problem for advertisers. Easily identify and fix them with PPC Rocket and profit from increased ad effectiveness and higher ROI.

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Get clear recommendations on how to improve your Quality Score.

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