Google Ads Out of Stock Products Comprehensive Guide


Out of stock products are a big headache, especially if you're using Google Ads. Why? Because when you advertise something that's not there, you're basically throwing money away and folks get upset when they click on your ad.

So, here's why you've got to keep an eye on those out-of-stock items if you're using Google Ads:

  • Stay on Google's Good Side: Google doesn't like it when you advertise stuff that's gone. Do it, and they might slap your hand for not approving your ad.

    Worse? They might still charge you. And if you keep messing up? Well, running suitable ads in the future might get tricky.

  • Your ads will not show up for search queries that are relevant to out-of-stock products. For example, if you have an out-of-stock product called "iPhone 13 Pro", your ads will not show up for search queries like "Phone 13 Pro", or "buy iPhone Pro".

  • Keep Your Visitors Happy: Imagine you see an ad, get excited, click it, but then find out it's sold out. Bummer, right? That's how your visitors feel.

They'll leave fast, and probably won't buy anything. If you handle those out-of-stock items right, you're more likely to turn visitors into buyers.

Keep it simple: If it's out of stock, don't advertise it. It's better for your business and keeps everyone happy.

How Do You Handle Items That Are Out of Stock on Google Search Ads?

Dealing with out-of-stock items on Google Ads? Here's a quick guide:

  • First up, always be honest. Let folks know straight away if something's out of stock.

  • Maybe give a heads-up about when it'll be back.

  • Think about letting them order in advance or sign up to get a notification. Keeps them in the loop!

Firstly, exclude out-of-stock products from your campaigns. Doing this will help to prevent your ads from being disapproved and ensure that your ad spend is only going towards products that are available to purchase.

Furthermore, dealing with unavailable products on Google Ads can be a challenge. However, fret not! By following a few easy-to-understand guidelines, you'll be on the right track. Consequently, this will ensure your account stays healthy and your advertisements yield positive results.

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Impact of Out of Stock Products on Google Shopping Ads

These products, especially the best-selling products, can have a significant impact on your Google Ads campaigns, including Google search PPC ads and Google shopping campaigns.

It's essential to keep an eye on product data, specifically the product availability attribute because running out of stock can drastically affect your shopping ad results and Google search ads.

Here's a problem with Google ads out of stock products: they can create unhappy users and drain ad budgets. Let me break it down for you:

Optimizing Ad Spend with Accurate Stock Status Management

Landing Page & Ad Hits: Imagine you're browsing search results, and you see an ad for something cool. This could be on category pages or even individual product pages. You click on it, excited, hoping to find your desired item back in stock. But dang! It's out of stock. Your historical data will show the disappointed user experience. Would potential customers come back? Probably not. This leads to wasted online ad spend.

Stock Status & Ad Management: For e-commerce retailers, maintaining an accurate Google product feed is crucial. If loads of your stock items are out of stock during the peak shopping season, especially during the holiday shopping season, Heads up! Google Ads, via its Google ads script, might pull you up. People want to see ads that matter to them. When Google shows ads for products that aren't available, it's a big problem.

Pausing ads is better than showing out-of-stock products, but if you have too many paused ads due to stock issues, significantly if your data feed isn’t updated, you might face trouble. Too many ads showing products that aren't available? Watch out! You might get an alert or even be put on hold.

Account Trouble & Recommendations: Got loads of things out of stock, perhaps due to supply chain problems? Be cautious about your Google ads profitability.

Consider using first-party data to predict when products will be back in stock and maybe auto-enable ads then. This ensures you aren’t losing money on wasted ad spend and keeps frustrated customers at bay.

So, What Can You Do?

  • Stock Status: First, pop over to your Google Merchant Center and manage your product feed through data feed management. If something's out of stock, you need to update your product feed to reflect this. Out-of-stock products will not show in Google Shopping ads, even if the campaign is running. Handling "Google ads out of stock products" appropriately ensures a better user experience.

  • Filter Out: Don't want ads for out-of-stock stuff? Well, just filter them out from your Google Ads. Sounds simple! However, for one product's ad spend, it's worth noting you can pause ads to ensure you're not wasting your PPC ads budget.

  • Honest Ads: If you still want to advertise something not in stock, just be clear. Tell folks straight up it's out of stock. Maybe offer them a chance to backorder or get a notification for when it's back. Furthermore, if you're using free listings, ensure the URL leads to the correct stock information.

Moreover, stick to these tips, and you'll keep your ads and account in great shape. Even when the stock's low, especially during the busy holiday season.

On top of that, proper organic SEO can also help in such situations. Lastly, always communicate the expected timeline for stock replenishment to potential customers.

How to Set the Availability Status of Your Google Shopping Products

Looking to handle google ads out of stock products? First, refresh the availability status of your products in the Google Merchant Hub.

Here's how:

  • Head to Products > All Products.

  • Click the Availability tab.

You'll see three options:

  • In stock: This means it's ready to buy.

  • Out of stock: Can't buy it right now.

  • Pre-order: It's coming soon, but not here yet.

Be sure to pick the right status! If you say it's "In stock" but it isn't, folks will be upset. But if it's available and you mark it "Out of stock", you'll miss sales.

How to Exclude Out-Of-Stock Products From Your Campaigns

Want to make sure your ads only show items that are in stock? Easy! First, make sure you've updated which products are available. Then, you can stop showing ads for items that have run out, especially when dealing with google ads out of stock products.

Here's how:

  • Head to 'Campaigns'.

  • Choose 'All Campaigns'.

  • Click on 'Settings'.

  • Look for 'Product targeting'.

  • Tick the box that says 'Exclude out-of-stock products'.

That's it! Now, your ads will only feature items folks can actually buy.

This will ensure that your ads only show products that are actually available. This will help you to protect your ad performance and account health.

Feeling a bit lost with these steps? No worries! Just give us a shout at PPC Rocket. We're here to help and guide you through.

How to Write Search Ads for Products That Are Out of Stock

Your product's run out? No worries! You can craft a cool ad. Here's the deal:

  • Make sure folks know the product's not around right now.

  • Suggest another cool item or a way to pre-order.

  • Tell them when you expect the product to return.

  • Keep things light and peppy.

Sorry, [Product name] is gone for now. But guess what? We're hoping to see it next week! Meanwhile, check out our [alternative product]. Too eager? Just [preorder] your beloved [product name].

Here are a few pointers to amp up ads when items are missing in action. It keeps your Google Ads game strong and everything spick and span!

FAQs About Out of Stock Products in Google Ads

Let's answer some of the frequently asked questions about Out of Stock Products

What Happens if I Promote Stuff That’s Out of Stock?

Doing that means your ads might not pass muster. Google Ads gives a thumbs down to advertising unbuyable stuff. Hence, you're not billed for any clicks. It's straightforward!

How Do I Spot if an Item’s Out of Stock?

Want to see if an item's gone? Head over to your Google Merchant Center. Once there, find the "Products" section. Click the "Availability" bit. If it says "Out of Stock", well, it's sold out.

In Summary

Navigating through out-of-stock items on Google Ads, especially within a Google shopping campaign, requires careful attention to landing page details and search results.

Yet, it's crucial to get it right, especially when e-commerce retailers need to reflect stock attributes accurately on their category page to ensure a low-spend campaign doesn't waste marketing money on products that aren't available. This article offers straightforward advice for those managing ad campaigns.

By adhering to these suggestions, you'll maintain a strong account. So, keep an eye on the availability date. This way, you will ensure active ads stop delivering when products are out of stock. Also remember, to optimize ad bids based on customer data and consider insights from competitor's sites.

This will enhance your ad outcomes, boost overall sales, and ensure your e-commerce clients and their clientele remain satisfied.

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